Halloween is this week, so I thought I’d commemorate the holiday with trick-or-treating. Well, marketing style. There are many different tricks in marketing – hacks that make your work easier and more efficient – so I thought I’d share some of my favorite treats.

Posting an image to Instagram directly from your computer

In Chrome, you can use the device mode option to “trick” your computer browser into thinking it is a mobile device. This setting is typically used by developers and designers to simulate what a website would look like on different screens. (Note, this is also a great option for any quick or basic web page or email testing you might be doing.)

Simply go to the menu options (top, right corner of your browser window), and select “More tools” – “Developer tools.” Then, click on the devices icon to choose a mobile device. Not sure where the devices icon is located? Scroll to the bottom of this post for a screenshot.

Go to and you should see a similar layout to the mobile app. If not, try refreshing the page. Then post as you would on your phone!

Too complicated? Simply use a scheduler app like Later or post from Canva.

Use Design Ideas in PowerPoint

Microsoft has always offered different PowerPoint templates and Design Ideas. However, if you haven’t tried out Design Ideas, it may be worth a look. It takes the content already on your slide and provides suggestions on how you can organize the information differently. It can also provide new font and template options.

You can simply select one of the options provided. The different options may also help you visualize a different – better – custom layout.

Look for the Design Ideas button under the Design menu.

Create original content that is only available on your website

If you are the only source for a specific data point or stat then you will be go-to destination for that information. Think about what you can measure, what your audience might be searching, and what is relevant to your business. Collect or analyze data and add it to the content on your site. Remember, this is great for driving traffic to your site, but it’s just the start to converting that visitor.

Happy Halloween! 🎃

Devices icon in the Developer Tools menu in Chrome
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