Building Trust with User Generated Content

Multiple studies have shown that consumers trust user generated content more than other forms of marketing. Not surprising since we all read reviews, ask for recommendations, and are generally skeptical of ads. Motivating users to generate (usable) content Since sharing UGC seems like a no brainer, why don’t all businesses do it? Just because someoneContinue reading “Building Trust with User Generated Content”

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

“ABM is a focused growth strategy in which Marketing and Sales collaborate to create personalized buying experiences for a mutually-identified set of high-value accounts.” Source: HubSpot Marketing and sales should work together in a continuous cycleGone are the days when the only interaction between marketing and sales is a hand off of a glossy sell sheet.Continue reading “Account Based Marketing (ABM)”

Dos and Don’ts of Graphics (Part 2)

Easy to use design platforms and design options in social media, website, and email programs have made creating graphics layperson friendly. However, there are several simple principles to keep in mind when creating these graphics to ensure what is being created will be effective in telling a story, selling a brand or product, or sharingContinue reading “Dos and Don’ts of Graphics (Part 2)”

The Semantics of Semantics (Part 2)

A few months ago, I wrote about understanding the real meaning behind particular marketing buzzwords. I recently watched the HBO documentary, Fake Famous, which was based on an experiment in creating social media influencers. The film highlighted the controversy around influencers and what makes a real influencer vs. just a person with fabricated influence. WhichContinue reading “The Semantics of Semantics (Part 2)”

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, at a high level, includes creating a vision statement, a mission statement, and core values. A strategic plan should also include measurable goals and executable actions to fulfill these statements. All businesses and organizations regardless of industry or size should have a strategic plan. Fulfilling your mission with the right products and people¬†WhatContinue reading “Strategic Planning”