Speaking at Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Events

As live events are becoming a “thing” again and hybrid events are becoming more common, we thought it was a good time to revisit the benefits of speaking at industry events. From tradeshows to webinars, look for opportunities to speak or present to showcase your expertise. Who should present? Everyone has the capacity to shareContinue reading “Speaking at Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Events”

Employees Are Your Best Brand Advocates

“The employee advocacy definition is quite simple: it is the promotion of your company by the people who work for it… Employee advocacy as a marketing tactic is a strategic, sustainable program to encourage employees to share brand values and messages in an organic way.” LinkedIn Employee advocacy is an important part of any communicationsContinue reading “Employees Are Your Best Brand Advocates”

What Happened to Surprise and Delight?

Several years ago, one of the most overused phrases in marketing was “surprise and delight.” The idea of delivering above expectations by including unexpected benefits whether it was an extra discount, a free sample, or an improved experience was one of the hottest marketing themes. However, as marketing tactics have evolved, many companies have movedContinue reading “What Happened to Surprise and Delight?”

Building Trust with User Generated Content

Multiple studies have shown that consumers trust user generated content more than other forms of marketing. Not surprising since we all read reviews, ask for recommendations, and are generally skeptical of ads. Motivating users to generate (usable) content Since sharing UGC seems like a no brainer, why don’t all businesses do it? Just because someoneContinue reading “Building Trust with User Generated Content”