Account Based Marketing (ABM)

“ABM is a focused growth strategy in which Marketing and Sales collaborate to create personalized buying experiences for a mutually-identified set of high-value accounts.”

Source: HubSpot

Marketing and sales should work together in a continuous cycle
Gone are the days when the only interaction between marketing and sales is a hand off of a glossy sell sheet. Today the most effective sales and marketing teams are fully integrated to use ABM. Marketing can help sales identify high-value accounts by warming up leads or by providing customer profiles. Once a sale is closed, both teams should continue to work in tandem to support the customers – ensuring consistent messaging and appropriate retention and upsell offers.

Businesses without sales teams can also benefit from ABM strategies
If you own or manage a business without a dedicated sales team, you may not think ABM is right for you. However, a similar thought process can help you craft the right customer journeys. The concept of identifying high-value segments and customizing the offer and messaging to these groups is effective for all types of businesses. The tactics and execution plan may be different, but the relationship building is the same.

High-value does not always equal high-end
If you’re a luxury business, then high-value probably equals high-end. However, sometimes the most value you’ll get is by selling a value-based product or to an untapped or underserved segment. High-value should be your most profitable customers – whether it is a high ticket item to or a high lifetime value.

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