Building Trust with User Generated Content

Multiple studies have shown that consumers trust user generated content more than other forms of marketing. Not surprising since we all read reviews, ask for recommendations, and are generally skeptical of ads.

Motivating users to generate (usable) content

Since sharing UGC seems like a no brainer, why don’t all businesses do it? Just because someone mentions your business, doesn’t mean it is something you’ll want to amplify. So how do you get UGC that you want to use? Ideally, you have brand evangelists organically. However, in reality, getting the right content is more than having customers who love you. Some solutions are to create a contest with very prescriptive rules or to give loyal customers a free sample or picture of themselves. Or simply asking for followers to use a specific hashtag and you’ll pick your “favorites” to share on your accounts.

Incorporating UGC into your content plan

UGC should only be one part of your overall content strategy. You should also share your own proprietary content and also curate content from industry organizations, trusted media outlets, and subject matter experts. You can share niche information or trending content – as long as it is relevant to your audience.

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