From Pivot to Pod to…People

A few weeks ago, I realized that almost every conversation I had in Q2 revolved around the word “pivot.” Then it became “pod” in Q3. So what is the “P” word for Q4? Perhaps one of these words – plan, prepare, perfect, or pitch. Or hopefully prosper. But my money is on people.

People have defined 2020

Regardless if you’re talking about your personal life or your business, people are always a major component of your daily activities. In 2020, we’ve seen the power of people. People ignited a movement like no other to fight for social justice. People came together to support front-line workers, small businesses, and their communities. People are what we missed the most, but we stayed away to protect the people we loved the most.

People are the soul of a business

One of the things I’ve routinely said this year is that I want to support the small businesses I love because I want to see them survive. While the product they sold or service they provided is obviously important, what I realized was that what made a business fall into that category was the people. I either had a personal connection with the owner / employees, or I appreciated their entrepreneurial spirit / story. Or in some cases, the people I met through patronizing their establishments. As a lifelong marketer, it seems counter-intuitive for me to say this, but edited, scripted social media posts cannot replace real authenticity that comes from actual people. Because if you and your team genuinely love what you do and who you serve, your customers will see you as people, not a product or commodity.

Make people a priority in Q4 and beyond

As you think about the remainder of 2020 and planning for 2021, remember to surround yourself with the right people. Surround yourself with people who can teach you something, challenge you, and balance your weaknesses. The people that will do all the other “P” words – help you create an effective plan, prepare for another world changing event, or perfect your pitch for investors.

Because with the right people we can all prosper.

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