Follow, Like, Comment, Share

Holidays can be easy reminders for simple but important marketing efforts. Valentine’s Day is a good placeholder to remind you and your business to amp up your social media engagement by showing “love” for other individuals and organizations. How do you show your love?

Review who you are following

Making sure you are following appropriate accounts is helpful for a variety of reasons.

  1. Keeping this list updated allows you to easily see what content they are posting. Whether it is a competitor, vendor, or customer, you can see what others are sharing without having to remember who to look up. Note, not all posts will organically be shown in your feed on many platforms, so you may need to do a little extra work to see everything.
  2. Reviewing accounts you follow also makes sure you are only following trustworthy accounts and accounts that you want to be associated with. While you should always do your due diligence before clicking follow or like, sometimes things change.
  3. Following others not only shows that you value their content but they’ll often follow you back.

Like, comment, or share other content

While you should do this on an ongoing basis, use this as an opportunity to increase your efforts. Starting to engage with other accounts and posts during this time will hopefully start a dialog with the author, get your name/account more exposure, and set the precedent that you are an expert or contributor to that topic. Sharing curated content including user generated content is not only a way to show your love of whatever they’re posting but also can be value add to your own followers if implemented correctly.

Showing love is a great way to support a business

We all know that reviews and recommendations can help potential customers make purchasing decisions. Taking the time to support your favorite businesses can be one simple way to show the love for a fellow entrepreneur or business owner.

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