Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, at a high level, includes creating a vision statement, a mission statement, and core values. A strategic plan should also include measurable goals and executable actions to fulfill these statements. All businesses and organizations regardless of industry or size should have a strategic plan.

Fulfilling your mission with the right products and people 
What problem are you solving for with your organization? A mission statement describes what you offer, who you are trying to reach, and why you are offering the product or service. If, for instance, you’ve shifted to virtual classes, e-commerce, etc. during the pandemic and intend to keep these as part of your business model, then consider if you need to update your mission statement.

Determining your vision
What do you as an organization or solopreneur aspire to be or want to accomplish in the future? A vision statement should be clear and a future looking view. While your vision statement should not necessarily change frequently, the past year saw so much change that this may be the right time to revisit your vision statement.

Discovering what your values are
What do you stand for? Core values are the principles the organization follows and uses as guidelines for their actions. They are the basis for your organizational culture and one way to help determine potential fit of future employees and vendors.

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